All posts/entries, for now, from 15+ years of global travel.

Cape Town & Environs

An exploration of Cape Town & its environs, Western Cape, South Africa, the most polished, most visited & most un-African part of the country.

Epic US Road Trip 2016 – Introduction

Epic indeed. Thirty-six days of driving 9,510 miles through 26 States. Exploring the US, the world’s ultimate road-trippin’ destination, as it’s meant to be explored.

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

A small Caribbean island split in two between France & Netherlands & home to the world’s most famous airport approach.

Puerto Rico

Isla del Encanto, the Island of Enchantment. The Caribbean’s US-sponsored economic powerhouse that’s broke as a joke. It’s America transported to the hot & steamy Caribbean.


Rastafarians, Reggae, Dreadlocks & Jerk. An exploration of the longstanding resort-heavy jewel in the Caribbean tourist industry’s crown.

Grand Cayman

The largest of the three Cayman Islands, an uber-rich tax-free banking haven & glitzy shopping mecca that is luxury personified, a UK overseas territory but one that looks and feels more Miami than Manchester.


Cigars, rum, Castro, Che, classic cars, neglect & salsa. A look at travel in Cuba, the indefatigable Caribbean time warp & a country truly like no other.


Once famously split in two, Berlin, the present-day trendsetting & historic German capital is both hip & worn, lively & dull, a city of exhilarating extremes.

Bremen, Germany

Boasting one of Europe’s most beautiful town squares, red-brick-heavy Bremen, the home of Beck’s Beer, is small but it packs quite the punch.


Red-lit hookers and coffee shop hash get all the attention but the Venice of the North also boasts great museums, stunning architecture and of course that cobweb of canals.

Delft, Netherlands

The charming, canal-ringed, maybe-a-bit-too-idyllic home of the world-famous blue-&-white hand painted Delftware pottery.


Belgium doesn’t get a very good rap. I don’t know why. It has awesome medieval old towns, chocolate, waffles, beer, & Flemish Renaissance architecture. It’s tolerant, it’s home to Tintin and it’s the location for the international headquarters of the European Union and NATO. There’s a lot to like.

2015 || A Look Back

Forty-eight weeks, 5 continents, 38 countries & territories. Hundreds of good pictures, thousands of bad ones. The epic year that was.


From the vast Amazon Basin in the north to the hedonism of the flamboyant city carnivals, seeing all there is too see in Brazil would take a lifetime. This is a sampling from Latin America’s largest country.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Iconic & alluring with world-renowned landmarks & place names. Yes Rio is cool. Rio is beautiful. But it’s not the utopia it may seem from elevated vantage points.

Porto Alegre

The capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, a colourful European-influenced city renowned for its friendly gaucho hospitality.


The White Continent, the driest, windiest, highest, & coldest continent on earth, & the world’s ultimate once-in-a-lifetime travel destination.

Tierra del Fuego

An archipelago off southern South America; separated from the continent by the Strait of Magellan; islands are administered by Chile and by Argentina.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

A 2,400 km² protected wilderness of mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers, a magnet for the outdoorsy type & the undisputed highlight of South America’s Southern Cone for many.

Chile & Easter Island

An exploration of the 4,300 kilometre-long, laid-back, colourful, hospitable, straitlaced, isolated & largely remote South American anomaly.


Dual exchange rates, European influence, Che & Messi, Lake District splendour, Patagonia steppe, & the end of the world. This & more from Argentina.

Easter Island

An exploration of Enchanting Easter Island, one of the most remote inhabited islands on the planet & universally famous as the home of the massive monolithic moai statues.


TRINIDAD || Today was all about ignoring international border immigration laws & spending 6 hours on a bus to get to the Trinidad, the location for one of the 7 Paraguayan Jesuit Mission ruins & the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage site.


The Tibet of the Americas, the highest, most isolated, most rugged & most indigenous country in South America.


A pictorial recap of north to south travels through Peru, one of the world’s richest heritages topped by the legacy of the Inca Empire.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago off the Ecuadorian coast. Darwin’s natural laboratory of evolution and probably the world’s premier wildlife destination famed for its unrivaled array of wondrous endemic birds, mammals, reptiles & plants.

Ecuador & Galapagos

The Equator. The Galapagos. The Rain Forest. The Avenue Of Volcanoes. Some Of South America’s Best Colonial Architecture. Ecuador has it all, and then some.


Twenty-eight images from a north-south, 2000 kilometre, 10-day, 6-stop jaunt through Colombia, one of South America’s most photogenic countries.


Money problems & rough-around-the-edges Maracaibo. My visit to Venezuela, or more precisely Maracaibo, the county’s second city & my introduction to South America, was always going quick but it turned out to be even quicker than planned.

Goodbye To The Caribbean

Fifty-nine days. Nine countries. Three missed flights. Saying goodbye to the sun, sea, & sand after 2 months of Lesser & Greater Antilles island hopping.

Saint Lucia

Country Music bars in rustic fishing villages, towering UNESCO-listed peaks piercing the azure Caribbean Sea, & an age-old fort protecting one of the largest sheltered bays in the Caribbean. And you thought St. Lucia was all flashy resorts, glamorous weddings & once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons.


The Caribbean’s coma-inducing Nature Island and one that offers a reprieve from the beach resort & palm tree-heavy Caribbean norm.

Dominican Republic

Five nights sampling the New World firsts of the historic capital Santo Domingo, the oldest European settlement in the Americas, & the idyllic, resort-heavy beaches of Punta Cana was nowhere near enough time in charming Dominican Republic. But as it turned out it was one day too many.


Exploring Haiti, the Caribbean anomaly, regional whipping boy, & the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, one still recovering from the 2010 earthquake.

Paris 2015

Summer 2015 started today, a balmy day in Paris, France. And with the Caribbean & South America just around the corner it’ll be sticking around for a while. Oh là là!!


Recapping 8 days in Georgia in the Eurasian Caucasus, a country with thousands of years of history, stunning mountain scenery & hospitable locals.


One of the world’s oldest civilizations and the world’s very first Christian nation, Armenia impresses with a pretty capital & an array of medieval UNESCO World Heritage-listed church & monastery complexes.


Centre of the historic Silk Road, a country full of dust, unbelievably hospitable locals & even more unbelievably audacious Islamic architectural showstoppers.


From killing time in the capital Bishkek, a tree infested, Soviet-era architectural nirvana, to escaping the Russified north to a true Central Asia town of Osh, here’s a look at travel in visa-free Kyrgyzstan.


Recapping a winter trip to Kazakhstan, Central Asia’s largest country, including cosmopolitan Almaty, the leafy former capital, & Astana, a.k.a. the Dubai of the Steppes, the futuristic capital on the northern windswept Kazakh steppe, the new petrodollar boom capital for the Central Asian region.

Humourous Signs, China

The meaning is rarely in doubt but the translation leaves a lot to be desired. A collection of humourous signs encountered on a recent trip to China.

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