I‘m keen to get to my intended destination of Copan Ruinas but, & having overnighted last night, I found myself lingering over breakfast this morning in the nice open-air cafe in the centre of the beautiful and well-maintained central park here in Santa Rosa de Copan, my first stop in Honduras. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, the breakfast abundant & cheap, the Wi-Fi free, & the view of the splendid white façade of the town’s cathedral too good to not sit & admire over a few strong coffees. I took pictures of course but I prefer the picture I took last night, having just arrived in town from El Salvador. It was dusk, the lights were just starting to illuminate the façade and people were exiting onto the cathedral steps.

The cathedral in Santa Roas de Copan, western Honduras. June 5th 2013.

People alighting from the cathedral in Santa Rosa de Copan (map-pointer-icon), western Honduras. June 5th 2013.


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