The Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps in Central Europe is perhaps the most dramatic & certainly the most memorable mountain scenery in the whole of Switzerland, if not Europe itself. It’s a region of clean air, hiking trails, cow bells, idyllic alpine valleys (including the Lauterbrunnen Valley, the world’s deepest), towering, snow-capped peaks at close quarters, & scenic railway journeys, all of which conspire to make this whole region one big unforgettable outdoor experience.

Anyone who has not seen the scenery which surrounds Interlaken does not know Switzerland

– Felix Mendelssohn

Looking down the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Jungfrau region, Switzerland. August 25th, 2007.

Looking down the Lauterbrunnen Valley (map-pointer-icon) from near the village of Stechelberg, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland. August 25th, 2007 || From an August 2007 visit to Jungfrau, Switzerland

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is an immense U-shaped cleft, the world’s deepest, with high, steep cliffs either side – rarely more than a kilometre apart – rising 1000 metres from the valley floor. From these cliffs some 72 lacy, misty waterfalls fall into the valley, including the 300-metre high Staubbach Falls, Switzerland’s highest, & the thunderous Trümmelbach Falls, the only accessible waterfalls in the world to be completely within a mountain. The valley is an utterly spectacular feature in an utterly spectacular part of the world – even hardened Alpinists shrug their shoulders and call it the most beautiful valley in Europe, bar none.


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