It’s 3:30 a.m. I’m wrecked. I travelled most of yesterday, having left Sydney, Australia mid-afternoon. I arrived here in Kuta, the party beach resort on the Indonesian island of Bali, a few hours ago. It was late, after midnight. I then had to traipse around the back alleys of Kuta trying to find a bed. There are no shortage of beds here but surprisingly at this time of night there does seem to be a shortage of reasonably priced ones. I did have options but, and my desperation aside, I passed on them, which should probably tell you how bad of an option they were deemed to be. I persevered and I’m glad I did because I eventually stumbled upon this place, the IRD180,000-a-night (€15) New Arena Hotel. Even dog tired at 3:00 a.m. I couldn’t resist that warm lighting & those glass-like reflections of the courtyard pool.

New Arena Hotel, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. June 14th 2012.

Reflections in the inner courtyard of the New Arena Hotel in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. June 14th 2012.

Right, I’m off to bed now. I’ll get properly reacquainted with Kuta in the morning, which I guess is in a few hours’ time.


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