Hello Again New York City

Returning To NYC For The First Time in 6 Years. It’s Like Getting Reaquainted With An Old Firend

My first view of New York City in over 6 years. The Manhattan skyline as seen from New Jersey. July 11, 2013

New York City. It’s good to see you again, friend. I took the following picture from across the Hudson river in New Jersey as I approached the city earlier this evening on the bus from Baltimore.

An iPod shot of the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. Taken from the approaching the city. July 11th 2013. (iPod)

The Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. Taken from the bus with my iPod. July 11, 2013 (iPod)

The setting sun was illuminating the skyline, which looked great set against the ominous-looking dark-blue clouds (it didn’t rain). This was my first glimpse of Manhattan in over six years – it was a nice one, a nice welcome back. It was also my first time seeing One World Trade Centre, formally the Freedom Tower, the primary building of the new World Trade Centre complex – needless to say I’ll be down there before too long with my camera firmly pointed upwards. This is my eight visit to the city since my first visit way back in the summer of 1998. That was my very first trip outside of Europe, my first (what felt like) real independent travelling experience. I’ve had something of an affinity with NYC ever since – it’s still my favourite city on earth, and I’ve been to my fair share of those over the years. Since that first visit 15 years ago I’ve come here since to do some Christmas shopping (1999); to experience a NYC St. Patrick’s Day (2000); to watch baseball games (2001); to pay homage after 9/11 (2001); I stopped by at the end of an LA-NYC road trip (2003);  & I passed through en route to an old life in Canada (2007), the last time I was in the city.

It has been said before but it’s true – there’s a buzz here that just invigorates. I’ve always felt it & I’m feeling it again. Having only just arrived, I’ve already been reacquainted with the rush of the city, the diversity of its residents & the smell of the subway which, at $2.50 a ride, these days is a tad more expensive than I remember it being. But this is New York City and everything here is expensive – $60 for a dorm bed in my hostel – Jazz on The Park, where I have always called home when in the city – says it all.

What am I going to do here for the next 3 days, 4 nights? I’m not sure yet but whatever I do will be scheduled around baseball games. Tickets for Yankees games in the new 4-year-old Yankee Stadium on all three days – Friday through Sunday – are booked (& I don’t even know who they are playing, not that it matters). Aside from that I’ll get up early, go to bed late and in between I’ll just revel in all that is NYC. I’ll probably do a bit shopping (NYC will reveal the inner shopper you never knew was in there) will probably pick a museum or two to visit & will, of course, take (a lot of) pictures. Best get into it so. New York, take nine.

See the all photographic exploits from this 3-day, 4-night visit to New York City here.

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