It seems like someone wants me out of here as soon as possible. The taxi driver rarely went below 160 km/h when covering the 26 kilometres between the Casco Viejo district of Panama City & the city’s Tocumen International Airport & with Sarah McLachlan’s Angel blaring over the speakers I thought well, this is it Dave. But I made it; I’m still here & just about to bring to a close my Central American odyssey. Three security checks already done & now I’m at the gate waiting for my flight to Miami, Florida.

Waiting on flight AA960. Tocumen International Airport, Panama. July 2nd 2013. (iPod)

It’s real early but I’m wide awake after that journey. Waiting on flight AA960 to Miami, Florida, USA, in Tocumen International Airport (map-pointer-icon), Panama, Central America. July 2nd 2013. (iPod)


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