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Easter Island, Chile. October 2015.

Easter Island, Chile. October 2015.

Hi, I’m Dave, a.k.a. dMb. I like travelling and taking pictures & have been somewhat privileged to explore this world. I’m also somewhat partial to documenting where I’ve been & what I’ve seen. What you find here, my online labour of love, is proof of all of the above.

I didn’t get disgruntled in a cubicle, didn’t sell it all to travel the world, and I don’t do this in the pursuit of financial reward, social media gratification or Google ranking. This online space isn’t a catalogue of clickbait Top 10 lists, tips on how to travel the world on $5 a day, or sure-fire ways to become a better photographer (rest assured, you’ll have little issue finding that material elsewhere). I’m not one of those and this is not one of those online spaces. If, however, you want to explore the world & learn of places, or even revisit them, through some wanderlust-inspiring photography & engaging writing then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around. I hope you see something you like. Chances are you will. Eventually.


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Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.

– Susan Sontag

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